The RUF has been designed to be affordable for practicing Canadian physicians, and qualifies for most Rural Education grants.   There are two components to the total program cost:   

(1) Personal Ultrasound - you are required to have your own personal device.   
The Rural Ultrasound Fellowship does not sell hardware and so you must purchase it yourself.  However, we can offer unbiased suggestions and advice during the process.   Please see our Hardware section for more details.

(2) Tuition cost depends on which Tier of the program you select.  Contact us below with the details of your existing PoCUS experience,  your practice environment, and your learning objectives in order to obtain a quote. 

Kind of...   
Butterfly apparently doesn't discount their hardware, citing that it is already priced as low as possible.   This means the probe price they advertise is a hard limit.   

However, when you purchase a probe, you also require an annual subscription to unlock the device's full feature set (which we train you to use during the fellowship year.)   This presently costs an individual $290-$600 CAD annually. 

The RnR Ultrasound Fellowship has a Butterfly medical education subscription and as a fellow, your annual subscription is included with the program tuition for the first year.   In other words, there is a modest savings which benefits the bottom line of your overall fellowship education. 

No resident rate is currently available.  We strongly encourage prospective fellows to wait until after residency is complete.  More specifically, we recommend having at least 6-12 months of independent practice prior to commencing the Rural Ultrasound Fellowship. 

Why?  Family medicine residency (± PGY-3) years are short and intense.  To get maximal benefit from a fellowship year in rural ultrasound, residents should ideally wait until they are in practice, and have opportunity to focus their undivided attention on learning ultrasound. (e.g. not being distracted by pesky licensing examinations.)

That said, we have made exceptions for residents in special circumstances in the past (e.g. residents aligned with the Canadian Forces who are anticipating deployment upon residency completion.)

Feel free to, contact us if you wish to discuss further.   

Yes!  Although designed to meet the needs of rural & resource-limited Canadian physicians, we are happy to work with fellows from other countries, or who come from a non-physician healthcare background.   Our international expert faculty is willing and able to support you at whatever clinical level and context best suits your learning needs.

That said, you will need access to your own personal ultrasound device, and a fast, reliable internet connection.  Tuition costs remain the same for all fellows regardless of professional background or nationality. 

Unfortunately, we do not offer in-house discounts or scholarships at this time.   We encourage you to look for scholarships and bursaries from other organizations available to you based on where you live and practice. 

Contact us below to discuss. 

Ready to Enrol?

We look forward to hearing from you! 

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