Claire Heslop is an emergency physician, practicing in Toronto at both adult and pediatric academic emergency departments. She trained in BC and Ontario, but has also practiced emergency medicine in rural hospitals both in Canada and in New Zealand. She is currently the co-director for POCUS at the University Health Network, and Co-Lead of Undergraduate Ultrasound Education at U of T

It would be  easier to ask Claire what kind of POCUS she *hasn't* taught -- as she's designed workshops and training programs for nurses, NPs, med students, EM/trauma/critical care/rural/and family medicine residents and physicians, and delivered them in almost every kind of environment, from extremely tiny places (rural Haida-Gwaii, Norway, and New Zealand, etc. ), to the most urban megapolies (Sydney, Berlin, New York, Vegas, etc).

Claire believes that from the fontanelle to the first MTP, every body part is "scannable" and is ready to show you how, as she's been teaching POCUS virtually since 2016.

When not wielding a transducer, you will (or won't) find Claire trail running through the French Alps, or paragliding off a Swiss hillside.

Claire Heslop MD 🇨🇦

Dave Kirschner is an emergency physician practicing in and around the Edmonton area. After completing the FRCPC-EM program in 2014 at the University of Manitoba, he has split his practice between community and pediatric emergency medicine.

Dave has pursued further education in PoCUS, and is currently implementing a PoCUS curriculum for the Peds EM fellows at the University of Alberta. He is interested in all things education regarding PoCUS, and loves online teaching. He has been involved with article review, curriculum development, course implementation, and speaker/educator with PoCUS both in Canada and internationally. His hope is to bring clarity to concepts/scans that are difficult to grasp, and help learners appreciate and enjoy the ‘hunt’ of creating clinically useful images.

David Kirschner MD 🇨🇦

Hein Lamprecht is an emergency physician / intensivist from Cape Town, South Africa. Over there the EDs are always stacked to the brim with high acuity cases, which is absolutely bliss for a POCUS zealot.

He created and educated many national and international POCUS training programs, including for many African countries as a founding member of the African Federation of Emergency Medicine. Hein is also an avid POCUS researcher with 45 peer review publications, 21 plenary addresses at international conferences and chairing 46 international POCUS workshops across 4 continents. Hein received multiple awards with the American Academy of Emergency Medicine (AAEM), Amin Kazzi Emergency Medicine leadership award in 2019 the most recent.

His special interests include the effective use of POCUS to cut through all the clinical pollution to get to the patient’s management plan ASAP, cardiac/lung/shock POCUS, infectious diseases POCUS, and e-learning POCUS education in limited resourced settings. Hein loves anything he’s able to do outdoorsy in the African sun and strictly lives by the philosophy of Ubuntu.

Hein Lamprecht MD, PhD 🇿🇦

Irina Sainchuk is a hospitalist currently working in Prince George, BC. For the last ten years she has been doing clinical teaching with the Internal Medicine department at the University Hospital of Northern British Columbia.

Initially trained for ultrasound in Brandford, ON, she is currently certified as an instructor in all four streams of Canadian Point of Care Ultrasound Society (CPoCUS) (Core, Resus, Diagnostic and MSK) and is a Master Instructor. Irina teaches different level courses and workshops nationally including EDE1, EDE 2, EDE 3, procedural ultrasound courses; but her main area of teaching is certification bootcamps. 

Dr. Sainchuk is also a UBC-HOUSE Course ultrasound instructor, teaching multiple workshops in rural areas of British Columbia. She is involved in CPOCUS curriculum development specifically for Internal Medicine stream and Diastology. 

Irina has a formal structured type of teaching and follows CPOCUS curriculum with parameters and requirements. Her area of expertise includes lung, heart, and procedural ultrasound training.

Irina Sainchuk MD, PhD 🇨🇦
Diagnostic Medical Radiology 

Jesper Danielson is an Ultrasound Wizard of the highest order! He is a practicing radiologist in Stockholm, Sweden where ultrasound technicians, as a profession, do not exist.  Thus Jesper performs all scans himself.   Imagine... a radiologist that scans and interacts with patients directly!   

In Addition to Radiology (1999), Dr Danielson also holds a sub-speciality in Diagnostic Abdominal Ultrasound (2002).   It's in this arena where Jesper regularly points out subtle anatomy & pathology which is otherwise all but imperceptible to most physicians!     

A skilled and celebrated teacher of Point of Care Ultrasound, Jesper is a co-founder of SonoSweden, (ultrasound education for non-radiologists in Europe), and a faculty member of several PoCUS Fellowships on both sides of the Atlantic.   

This soft-spoken academic giant is also a highly accomplished bird watcher and enjoys spending his time off "at the cottage" overlooking the Baltic Sea.

Jesper Danielson MD 🇸🇪
Diagnostic Medical Radiology 

Jonathan Wallace is the physician equivalent of a hobo. He roams the Canadian Wilderness in an electric car or single-engine Cessna to help out rural / resource-limited hospitals in need. 

Jonathan practices various combinations of emergency medicine, GP-anaesthesia, rural critical care, transport medicine, ultrasonography and/or chronic pain management depending on location and need. He also has an obsessive compulsion to teach and share hard-earned rural medical wisdom (and ultrasound fellowship wizardry), with anyone who cares to listen.  

Jonathan is a retired magician, likes to eat chocolate, plays the ukulele while singing to himself, and has a wife and two kids who support and inspire him everyday. 

Jonathan Wallace MD 🇨🇦

 After his emergency medicine residency and PoCUS Fellowship training in Oakland, California, Oron escaped the penetrating trauma epidemic in the US to calmer, gentler lands Northwards, where he now continues his mission of PoCUS evangelism. He's been teaching both urban and rural docs ultrasound skills for 8 years and running, and has been deemed an "honorary ruralite." While he still lives in the city, he loves working regular rural shifts, and looks forward to combining them with his various outdoor passions: mushroom hunting, fishing, trail running, or kayaking.

Oron Frenkel MD ðŸ‡¨ðŸ‡¦ðŸ‡ºðŸ‡¸

Peter Weimersheimer was previously a Professor of Surgery (EM) at the University of Vermont Larner College of Medicine with 28 years of clinical experience. He was the founder and Director of the University of Vermont (UVM) Emergency Ultrasound Section, the UVM EM Residency PoCUS curriculum, a TEE program, and a 4th year medical student elective in point of care ultrasound.

Dr. Weimersheimer also initiated development of a 4 year integrated medical school curriculum, hospital medicine and primary care curricula, and a successful nurse/tech ultrasound-guided peripheral IV program. He was the Regional Director of Clinical Ultrasound for 7 UVM Health Network Emergency Departments and developed global credentialing and practice standards for that system.

Dr. Weimersheimer is a Professor in the Ultrasound Leadership Academy and is a course director for Echo Guided Life support (EGLS). Most recently he became Vice President of Clinical Implementation at Butterfly Network, Inc. and has been working on implementing US in primary care and resource limited settings. He lectures, teaches, and mentors physicians internationally. 

Peter Weimersheimer MD 🇺🇸

Virginia Robinson has been a POCUS practitioner in maternity, family, and emergency medicine for 15 years. She co-leads the POCUS initiative for the Rural Coordination Centre in BC which endeavours to support rural physicians in their access and training to POCUS.

She also teaches for the UBC HOUSE EM and OB courses and is a virtual POCUS coach for the UBC Coaching and Mentoring Program. Virginia has lectured nationally and internationally.

For the last 15 years she has practiced maternity and emergency medicine in Fernie, where she also mountain bikes, skis, and gardens. She hones her body (which has a shockingly close resemblance to Nordic superstar Marit Bjørgen ) by lugging numerous handheld and cart based ultrasounds wherever she goes.

Virginia Robinson MD ðŸ‡¨ðŸ‡¦

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