How it Works:

1. Read, Record, Scan

Each fellow has their own personal device.  (Yours  forever.)  This way you can scan anywhere you work, whenever an opportunity presents itself. 

Try out a new scan. Record your efforts (and struggles), and archive to one of the educational databases we use. 

2. Review with Faculty

Meet with one of our world-expert Professors and review your most recent scans.  

(Book a One-to-One virtual meeting  according to your schedule, then get direct, targeted feedback on how to improve your image acquisition and interpretation. )

3. Rinse and Repeat 

Go back to step one, armed with the tips, tricks and confidence you just acquired.   

Even the most stubborn PoCUS scans are learned with just a few iterations of this system.  From there we add more and more sophistication until you reach mastery.


Learn by sharing and collaborating with other fellows as everyone grows together.     The Rural Ultrasound Fellowship uses a private communication platform which allows the group to share and discuss interesting clips and cases.    Challenge yourself and your colleagues by posting unusual, frustrating or confusing clips.  Crowd source your learning by seeing real world Zebra-cases you might not otherwise ever encounter.  Get a response quickly (often within minutes), from your colleagues and professors.    

Choose Your Tier:

How far one advances during the fellowship is unsurprisingly linked to the time one invests.   

ALL THREE TIERS are equivalent in terms of equipment, self-learning contentassignments and group activities over the year.   The only difference lies in the number of one-to-one meetings you have during the year. (i.e. how many iterations of feedback & growth you wish to make and how much knowledge you wish to gain from our expert faculty.)     

All three tiers offer fantastic learning and great value.  What you choose depends on your level of interest and your learning objectives.

Advanced PoCUS Training (mini-fellowship)

1 meeting / month

Our introductory tier of participation still promises to produce advanced ultrasound users, with knowledge, experience and confidence many times beyond the scope of what is available by way of the conventional PoCUS courses and bootcamps in Canada.   Anticipate being in the top 1% of PoCUS trained physicians nationwide after completing this tier of training.

Ultimately, this is a mini-fellowship option with the smallest time requirements. You will receive the same comprehensive didactic exposure as the other tiers, but this level of clinical education and expert-supervision is below the requirements of a true “Ultrasound Fellowship”.  Nevertheless, it is a great choice for the budget conscious or time-limited provider, simply wishing to further advance their scope of ultrasound skills and practice.  

Ultrasound Fellowship

2 meetings / month

If you are here because you're looking for a true Fellowship, then this is the tier you want to consider first.    This "base" Fellowship tier will allow you to become a very strong ultrasound user, confident with advanced and even new & emerging ultrasound techniques by the end of your year.      

This option is a great choice for someone who wants to be a local or regional expert in ultrasound, particularly if they have a strong desire to teach and support ultrasound uptake & adoption amongst their colleagues. 

Ultrasound Fellowship (Exhaustive)

4 meetings / month

Go big, or go home is your motto.  Ultrasound, your passion.   You want to learn as much as you can, and leave no sonographic stone unturned (renal, biliary, prostate or salivary).    You recognize the value of an internationally recognized expert faculty and you want to soak up every possible iota of information during the program. 

This top tier option is for providers desiring an exhaustive knowledge and mastery of ultrasound, well beyond traditional emergency bedside indications, and expanding into enhanced diagnostic understanding and capabilities.   You will be qualified to challenge the "RDMS" examination (the test for professional diagnostic sonographers), should you wish to do so, and you will be qualified to join the national or international stage of bedside ultrasound leaders.    

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Rural Ultrasound Fellowship is a CPD program operated by Community Health Network Ltd.
This Group Learning program has been certified by the College of Family Physicians of Canada for up to 52 Mainpro+ credits.
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